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Homemade Holiday Gifts: DIY is Better, For Us and For the Earth


Today’s post is from our fabulous guest blogger Kate, from Perpetually Nesting.

As a young adult, I was the girl who would search high and low for the most perfect, usually expensive, gift on the market. I prided myself on finding the absolutely perfect things for the people on my list, at the absolutely perfect store. I would spend hours and dollars on gift-wrapping alone. It was fun, but it was a wasteful: of supplies, of packaging and of money.

These days, I’m seeking more creative, innovative and resourceful ways of showing my love without compromising the spirit of giving. I’ve been pleasantly surprised. I’ve found that making gifts isn’t about popsicle sticks and pompoms; it’s about unleashing the inner connoisseur, eschewing prepackaged goods, and creating cost-effective, beautiful, elegant symbols of the people I care about. And sometimes I find what I’m looking for on Etsy for an even better price. Get rid of the packaging, and make it yourself!

To that end, I’ve created a DIY/homemade gift guide for this holiday season, and have harnessed creative minds across the web to help me out.

For the new parent: This no sew diaper clutch can fit in a regular purse (hallelujah – no need for a huge diaper bag!) and nicely packaged homemade laundry soap will work with high efficiency washers, smell delicious and be soft on baby’s skin.

For little boys: These no-sew superhero capes are insanely cool. Since I don’t sew, I’m completely excited about making something wearable. And my boys are crazy for superhero gear.

Image from PerpetuallyNesting.com

As my boys get older, I’ll be excited to make them a homemade lego table (especially since Lego sells them for nearly $300.) Speaking of Legos – have your kids outgrown their huge personal collection? Make a pretty Lego storage bag, and re-gift the collection for Christmas!

For little girls: I can’t get over this Ikea Hacked dollhouse. It makes me wish it were still socially acceptable to play with dolls at the age of thirty. It’s modern, compact, updated and just so cool.

For kids in general (or kids at heart): This homemade fort building kit will inspire hours of rainy day fun. You can repurpose/upcycle a pillowcase for the storage bag. Additional ideas include homemade glitter playdough, portable crayons, and a foldable, framed tent for indoor fun.

Image credit: tipjunkie.com

For families with too much junk: This stuffed animal storage unit suggested by grosgrain fabulous is truly genius. If you sew and decide try this out, be sure to come back and link to a tutorial!

For dudes: Nothing says manliness like hockey puck inspired soap. Making manly smelling soap is fairly easy, and you can find soap making tutorials here, but Etsy has a great selection as well.

Image credit: Seven scruples on Etsy

For foodies: This year, I’m making homemade vanilla and vanilla sugar, because this is the area where DIY shines – both of these items are better than store bought, guaranteed.

For aspiring crafters: This starter sewing kit idea is adorable (and affordable) without being kitschy. Plus, every family needs a basic sewing kit around for when kids fall and rip their knees or when hems unravel.

For coworkers: Try tins of World Peace Cookies. Made with high quality chocolate and fleur de sel, these are chic, decadent and delicious. They are not your mama’s Christmas cookies, and their name represents an important holiday message.

Image credit: Lovin’ from the Oven Blog


DIY Holiday


DIY Holiday by perpetuallykate on polyvore.com

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