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TerraCycle – Earth Day could be Every Day?


Editor’s Note: In honor of Earth Month we asked our good friend Tom Szaky, founder and CEO of TerraCycle, to share his ideas on Earth Day.

The Most Environmental of Months

As an environmental company, TerraCycle has a unique relationship with Earth Day. Celebrating our environment and spreading awareness and activism is wonderful, but we also like to remind people that the Earth needs to be taken care of every day. For the past few years, we’ve had an array of special events around Earth Day. In 2009, we launched our mini-series on National Geographic – Garbage Moguls – and in 2010, we had a Walmart Hotspot with sixty TerraCycle products were displayed in Walmart stores, right next to the products that they used to be! Think, drink pouch backpacks next to boxes of Capri Sun.

Last year, 2011, we had the Old Navy Flip-Flop Replay in which we collected used flip flops at Old Navy stores across the country during the Earth Month. That same month, in partnership with Office Depot, we collected used pens and writing instruments at their retail locations.

We opted for something smaller in 2012. We’re collecting binders at select Staples locations across the country. Those binders will be recycled into our standard plastic products: park benches, picnic tables, pavers, and plastic lumber.

Our other focus this Earth Day is some of our new launches. Rather than do one huge event for Earth day, we decided to spread it out in order to help people take care of the Earth all year round – not just Earth Day!

Our Huggies Packaging Brigade has expanded, and now takes as many packages per shipment as you can send us. The Method Cleaner Brigade accepts all kinds of cleaner packaging – nozzles, sprays, bottles, etc. We now collect wine pouches, thanks to Clif Family Winery and the Wine Pouch Brigade. Flip-flops should start to be collected soon as well, and we also have a Jewelry Brigade.

Other than signing up for the new Brigades and always recycling your MOM Brands cereal bags with the Cereal Bag Brigade, what can you do for Earth Day? I took the liberty of coming with a few ways to celebrate the day.

  • Make an upcycled DIY. You can see a few projects here, or come up with your own. What can you gather from around the house and turn into a practical, every day item?
  • Have a garage sale. Instead of throwing out your old stuff, let someone else find a new use for it.
  • Choose one day a week to not use your car – walk or bike wherever you need to go. Or, spend the day enjoying a nearby park or your backyard.
  • Share your Earth Day pledge on Malt-O-Meal’s Facebook page this Sunday.

I, for one, know that my Earth Day pledge is to find more ways to recycle and more waste streams to recycle so that recycling and upcycling are as easy as possible.

What are your “Earth Day Resolutions”?

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