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Upcycle Your Pumpkins

Editor’s Note: Today’s post is from Kristine Munroe-Mahoney.  Kristine is the Community Manager at KeenForGreen.com. She is passionate about going green along with her son, Isaac, and her husband, Matt. She lives outside of Boston.

Halloween is tomorrow – yay! However, you might be wondering what to do with those pumpkins after Halloween is over. Luckily, there are plenty of awesome ways to upcycle your pumpkins! Continue reading »

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Have We Reached “Peak Car?”

Owning and driving a car certainly isn’t a right in the U.S, but a privilege – a privilege that might not be as special as it used to be. Continue reading »

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My Garden Is Your Garden

For many, gardening is a simple solution to grow their own food.  But it can be hard for city dwellers that live on the 17th floor of an apartment or have a backyard the size of a car.  For those people, we suggest community gardens. Continue reading »

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Three Cool Innovations in Eco Packaging

“We’ve come a long way, baby.”

Microwave popcorn was a big advancement. So was instant coffee. But convenience and clever packaging doesn’t always translate into eco-friendly. Lately, we’ve come across some great innovations that have all three attributes. Continue reading »

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Four Tricks Make for a Halloween Treat

Editors’ Note: This post comes to you from Bob Lilienfeld, editor of The ULS Report, a highly respected and widely read newsletter aimed at spreading the benefits of source reduction (ULS means Use Less Stuff). He is known all over the world for his work in the areas of source reduction and waste prevention. Below are his thoughts on a green Halloween.

If you ask kids to name their favorite holidays, Halloween will be at or near the top of the list. It’s not just the candy that makes them excited. It’s also the chance to put on costumes and be someone (or something) new and different. Continue reading »

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Share Food with Neighbors, Get Dinner for the Family

You have book club on Tuesdays, bridge club on Thursdays and wine club on Saturdays. Got room for one more? What if we told you it would help save you money and give you a great dinner? Continue reading »

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“I Didn’t Know You Could Recycle THAT!”

Editor’s Note: We asked our good friend Albe Zakes with TerraCycle to share his ideas on common items we use every day that many people don’t know they can recycle. This is the first of a two-part series.

We all know that Earth Day comes in April. But since 1997, November 15 plays host to America Recycles Day (ARD)– a new day to stop and evaluate our environmental commitment, with help from the National Recycling Coalition (NRC) and Keep America Beautiful (KAB).  Of course, America Recycles Day is very important to TerraCycle because of our insatiable thirst for new waste to recycle. Continue reading »

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Think Outside the (Cereal) Box

We came across a staggering piece of information recently: nearly half of the containers and packaging that ends up in landfills can be recycled. Half. That’s a lot of every-day items in homes across America that can be re-used.

Our Bag The Box friend, Tom Szaky with TerraCycle, recently wrote a great piece for Packaging Digest in which he points out that statistic, as well as some other gems, like how a March 2012 Nielsen study showed that recycling was the most important environmental aspect of a product across both genders and all age groups. Recycling and, our favorite, re-using is so important to people, yet so many items go to waste. Why? Continue reading »

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Eat Cereal, Do Good for Whole Planet Foundation

Eating your Three Sisters cereal this month just got a little better.

For every 27.5 oz. Sweet Wheat cereal you buy at Whole Foods Market during October, MOM Brands will donate $1 to Whole Planet Foundation. Our goal is to give $30,000, so eat up!   Continue reading »

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