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MOM Brands® Announces Line of Spooners® Ready-to-Eat Cereal

MINNEAPOLIS –MOM Brands® announced a new addition to its ever-expanding brand portfolio with Spooners® ready-to-eat cereal. The new brand of cereal is packaged in stand-up gusseted bags, which sit on the shelf like a box, yet contain 75% less consumer packaging waste than comparably sized bag-in-box ready-to-eat cereals. Continue reading »

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Goodbye to the Blogosphere

All good things must come to and end, eh? This is our last blog post on BagTheBox.com. It’s been great fun sharing tips for sustainable living, and giving you an inside look into how we do business at Malt-O-Meal. We are committed to our mission of providing a better breakfast at a better price, and much of it is due to our lack of unnecessary cardboard boxes. That savings is passed on to you, and we’re proud of it.   Continue reading »

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Practicing the 3 R’s During the Holidays

Editors’ Note: This post comes to you from Bob Lilienfeld, editor of The ULS Report, a highly respected and widely read newsletter aimed at spreading the benefits of source reduction (ULS means Use Less Stuff). He is known all over the world for his work in the areas of source reduction and waste prevention. Below are his thoughts on reducing holiday waste.

Even though it’s holiday time, we can still use the 3 Rs to make the holidays festive, bright, and just a little bit greener. Continue reading »

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Holiday Decorations with a Recycled Twist

As you deck the halls and trim the tree for this holiday season, think green—and not just the holiday hue.  Decorating doesn’t have to create more waste, stress or debt, and here are some ideas to ‘greenify’ your home this year. Continue reading »

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Pedaling into the Future on a Cardboard Bicycle

By now, you know our mantra: the cardboard cereal box is pointless. But, we have to give credit where credit’s due when someone is thinking of different ways to upcycle or recycle it. Case in point: Izhar Gafni. Continue reading »

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A Greener Holiday Party

Editor’s Note: Today’s post is from Kristine Munroe-Mahoney.  Kristine is the Community Manager at KeenForGreen.com. She is passionate about going green along with her son, Isaac, and her husband, Matt. She lives outside of Boston.

‘Tis the season to plan holiday parties! They can be wasteful, but they don’t have to be.  Here are a few ideas to keep your holiday gatherings green without breaking the bank. Continue reading »

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Perspective: A Path to Happiness

12 Layers of Happiness

Editor’s Note: This post is part of the Frosted Mini Spooners 12 Layers of Happiness campaign and is from happiness expert Dan Baker, author of What Happy People Know.

Perspective is our personal window from which we come to understand ourselves and the world. Happy people know that they can manage perspective in ways that work for them, by being self-supportive, engendering understanding, even enlightenment and resilience. A poorly managed perspective is a double-edge sword limiting growth, putting them at odds with others and not infrequently with themselves. Poorly managed perceptions can lead to self-imposed imprisonment in the darkness of prolonged anger and depression. Continue reading »

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